Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?
Business cards turn around time is approximately 3-5 business days plus shipping
How can I find out the status of an order?
You can track your order by clicking on Tracking Orders on side navigation bar.
How do I re-order cards?
You can reorder cards by clicking on Tracking Orders and following directions from this point.
What is UV coating and how does UV coating add value to my cards?
Color business cards are additionally processed with premium high gloss UV coating. Our UV coatings enhance and give greater color depth to your business cards. Colors like blacks will shine like expensive, rich-looking granite and reds will appear to be even more flush with fact so flush, that you will think your colors will be jumping right off the card. After your cards will be printed and the inks have set, liquid UV coating is evenly applied. Then afterwards, your color business cards are cured with UV light and heat. Your photo realistic business cards will look and feel expensive, but only you will know how little you paid. Should you buy a UV coated product? Only if you want your masterpiece cards to stand out from the crowd and only from the experienced folks at eCardBuilder.
What kind of stock are they printed on?
Our card stock specially formulated for color printing processing. Our hard shell front side card stock prevents absorption and saturation of 4 color inks. Finest details remain crisp and sharp. Specially untreated backside stock can be easily penned or penciled - more than just a convenience.
Are cards printed on litho presses or a digital press?
Our UV coated full color business cards are printed on Heidelberg 5 color litho presses renowned as the world's finest full color press. Additionally we UV coat them afterwards.
What is the LPI that the film is being output at?
The higher the lpi (lines per inch), the better the reproduction. 120 lines is a touch up from newspaper quality, 150 is pretty ordinary, but 175 lpi is similar in quality to many high end consumer magazines and expensive coffee table books. Naturally, we choose to print cards for you at 175 lpi so that you will look good.
Can I use my company's background, and make them only available to my company employees?
Yes, we are setting many businesses with their own 'engine' displaying their company logo and graphics. We have a minimum employee count for those kind of sites. The company determines the price point, standards and text conventions. Please use Contact Us form to inquire about that.
I forget my Sales Order (S.O.) Number.
You can track your Sales Order Number order by clicking on Tracking Orders on side navigation bar and following directions.
Can I speak to someone there?
Click on Contact Us link anytime for information on the many ways to contact us.
Are your card laminated?
Our cards are additionally processed with the industry's best lamination. The laminate that we use is called UV coating. It is a high gloss finish that you find on expensive magazines and coffee table books.
Do you print Rolodex cards?
You can use eCardBuilder to create your business card sized stickers to stick to blank Rolodex cards specially processed for this purpose.
What's the minimum order?
Best price and value is 2,000 full color business cards, but we can print as few as 250 full color cards.
Can I split up the order of 2000 into 4 orders?
While it sounds like it would be easy to print 500 or 1000 of one card and 500 or 1000 of another, the cost to do so would be prohibitive, if not impossible. When we will be printing your particular card order, your order will be part of a very large sheet of business card orders being imprinted on each of 2000 large sheets of card stock. After all sheets are printed, each individual card order on the large flat is trimmed, sorted, and packaged for shipping. Since all orders are being printed in the same amount, there is no way that we can stop the printing process midstream to slip in a single card change. When we print 250, 500 or 1000 card orders of an individual design, the same process is used, except that we only print large sheets of business cards of 250, 500 or 1000 impressions.
Can PMS colors be printed?
We can accommodate you with PMS colors on large or multiple orders for an addition fee. Please press Contact Us link and advise how you will be using your PMS color and we will get back to you to discuss further with you your PMS color requirements.
How do I place an order?
Once the design will be completed to your satisfaction, press the Approve Design button which will take to the Check Out Page.
What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express cards.
How are my cards shipped?
After orders are trimmed and boxed, orders to Continental US and Canada are shipped either by DHL Express or Airborne Express ground courier service from our premises (excludes foreign orders, US orders outside Continental US, extreme Canadian rural locations, Newfoundland and Canada's three territories).
Can I use any foreign characters?
Most characters on international keyboards will work, but we cannot guarantee every instance. Some people use accents, some use lines, some use stars. For best results try our Card Builder Pro interface and if you will run into problems, press Contact Us link to reach us and we will advise you how to order your own custom design.
What is the Optional Text field used for in the design interface?
Optional Line provides the user a place to input a custom slogan or other information that would normally not appear on a business card. You can also use this field to input a dash or underscore to give your design a more custom look if that is to your liking.
Is it free to create a card?
While others charge you for creating designs for cards, we offer it as a service to you for FREE....and we encourage you to visit our site often as new designs are being added on a daily basis.
Can I use the image that I've created for my other projects?
You can use the image for FREE, provided that there is some text appearing on it. For specific guidelines, contact us.
How many colors will be used to print my order?
When one says that they print utilizing four color process printing, what they mean is that in order to get a possible 64 million colors, the 4 colors that we print with are combined in various proportions. These 4 colors are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Perhaps you have seen the acronym CMYK that is used to describe these four colors in combination for printing. When you look through magazines like Vogue or Life, you would see four color reproduction there that is of excellent reproduction. This is the type of printing that we do, and you can expect to get equally similar results.
On my monitor the card looks blurry. What will the final output look like?
Due to the shortfall in reproducing high quality images on one's monitor, the proof that will be generated as you are building your custom card is either 72 of 96 dots per inch. However, when we will print your cards, we will utilize graphic images that will be printed at 360 dpi. To phrase it another way, your screen resolution of 72 or 96 dots per inch results in an image of 5,184 pixels per sq inch. The 360 dpi that we will print your cards results in 129,600 pixels per sq inch. As you can see now from the explanation, the low resolution image that you see on your monitor contains 7 per cent or less of the pixels that normally make up our a 360 dpi printed image. 72 or 96 dpi images are the quality one views on a website. Since you are only previewing your card online, it will certainly not be as sharp as the full color printed card.
What is the final size of the business card shipped to me?
Even though the business card may appear as a different size on your monitor or print out, the actual size of the business card that you will receive is the North American standard of approximately 2 inches x 3.5 inches (approximately 50 mm x 89 mm)
What is my password and when do I use it?
Your email address is your password for ordering, reordering and tracking.
How much is the shipping?
Shipping will be calculated during checkout based on quantity and shipping address. Orders shipped outside Continental US, including extreme rural locations subject to additional shipping charges (additional shipping charges do not apply to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada but not to Canada's three Territories)
Will I be notified of the shipping date?
Provided that you have provided an operative email address, you will be notified of the date of shipping from the plant and as will as a tracking link.
Except for standard shipping and handling, are there any other charges?
There are no additional charges.